Penwith District's gardening notes

November 2005

What they're doing, and what you could be doing, now


This month we are ripping out all summer bedding plants left in the bedding areas. These borders are then turned over and in some places new plants are put in, such as Tulip ‘Darwin’ hybrid mix as well as Wallflowers and Polyanthus: these will give a nice splash of colour in the spring. Many of the Polyanthus can be planted in the public parks in shady positions when they have finished in the flower beds.

Morrab Gardens are starting to look a bit wind-swept and the leaves are turning to their autumn colour of red, yellow and gold. The berries on the Holly and Myrtle are ripening and the birds are feeding on them.

There are still a lot of plants and shrubs flowering such as Canna, ginger Lillies, Senecios and Fuschias. In Morrab Gardens the beds are being prepared for the winter/spring bedding plants. We have started pruning in the Garden and some of the cuttings will be used for propagation. A lot of the time is spent picking up Cordyline leaves and sweeping the paths. When it is extremely wet there is work to do in the greenhouse potting plants and propagating.

All the green waste that is produced is recycled: tree branches and shrub clippings are put through a woodchipper and made into mulch which is spread on top of the soil to suppress weeds. This also keeps the moisture in the ground which is useful in the summer months.

Stuart Wood, Supervisor, Penzance

Joe Palmese, Head Gardener at Morrab Gardens