Latin name Common name Type Description Cultivation Hedging
COLCHICUM genus corm c. 4-8ins (10-20cm). Long, narrow basal leaves. Flowers (generally appearing before leaves) are goblet-shaped. Single or double, colours include white, pink, red and purple. Poisonous. Frost hardy, -5° to fully hardy. Sun and well-drained soil. No
Crocosmia "Lucifer" corm 3ft (1m). Bright green, sword-like leaves. Brilliant red flowers on spikes in July, Other varieties include "Emily McKenzie" (orange) and "Lady Hamilton" (yellow). Frost hardy, -5°C. Sun. Needs shelter in cold areas, or lift corms in October. No
Crocosmia x crocosmiflora "Star of the East" corm 30in (70cm). Sword-like basal leaves. Deep orange, funnel-shaped flowers in August to September. Frost hardy, -5°C. Sun and well-drained soil. Useful for cutting. No
CROCUS genus corm c. 4ins (10cm). Narrow basal leaves with white middle line. Flowers are funnel- or tube-shaped, in spring or in autumn. Colours include white, yellow, purple, pink, often with darker markings. Frost hardy, -5°, to fully hardy. Sun. Useful for rock gardens. No